2000 reissue (CD mini-album)
Consipio COCS-2002

1985 original release (12" EP)
Switch 155W-4504
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    Elles se Rendent pas Compte
    Elles se Rendent pas Compte
    Lyrics: Aki Ikuta Translation: Johnny Barett

    I made you quiver
    When we found each other in that wave of people
    While stardust trailed through the night-sky
    In that chilling season

    Clouds aglow in a peachy sky
    Golden shadows under the sun
    Strings of rain spelling e-t-h-e-r
    Eating a water-coloured insect

    Your skin snow spotted
    In silken cloud
    Shadows fading, the sky shrouded
    Your whisper calling me

    Your back which I love
    My body which you love
    Veiled night in a sweet dream
    My small finger sliding on your trembling breast

    This passion burns
    In this reeling cluster of faces
    There is but a trace of yesterday's
    Glimmer in your eyes to be seen

    The lengthening shadows fade
    As I enter a room where you are not
    Feeling a little awkward
    To make love ... to an other

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    Said in Passing-Funiculì Funiculà
New track

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    Said in Passing-Funiculì Funiculà

 Fifteen years after the release of the original 12-inch comes the CD version, which includes one previously unreleased track. The incredibly slow tempo of this rendition of the celebrated “Stardust” theme amazes: Jimmy’s vocals on “Elles se rendent pas compte” left even Shimizu speechless…

 Produced by Aki Ikuta
Composed by Yasuaki Shimizu (1), Hoagy Carmichael (2), Anton Dvorak (3),
Yasuaki Shimizu/traditional (4)

Yasuaki Shimizu: alto, tenor, C-melody saxophone, piano, simulated strings, bass, snare drums
Aki Ikuta: noises, editing
Jimmy Murakawa: vocals (1)
Kaori Asano: voice (4)

Recorded/mixed by Seigen Ono at Smoky, Noriyuki Hamazaki at Sound City (Tokyo)
Editing by Tadashi Nakamura (4)