1987 (CD)
Victor Entertainment VDR-1382
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    Tsuzuraori no Onna
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    Drunken Monkey
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    I'm so Tired

Here’s one that channels directly Paris’s multi-cultural music scene.
Shimizu says: “I wanted to capture the spirit of my everyday encounters with the people around me.” This is the result.

  • The way I see it, people operate within three realms: their local world, the world of information, and the world of myth. The closer you approach the last, the weaker reality becomes. Relating to the second, however, is more complexÑyou can interact deeply with information, and by willingly venturing into that world, even make it your local world. This sensibility was fresh and interesting to me during the making of this album.

Produced by Yasuaki Shimizu, Martin Messonier
Composed by Yasuaki Shimizu

Yasuaki Shimizu: vocals (1, 4, 5), tenor saxophone, clarinet, keyboards
Morio Watanabe: bass
Martin Messonier: guitar (1)
Amad Henderson: vocals (6, 8)
Wasis Diop: vocals (2, 4)
Mali Mango: vocals (3), backing vocals (4)
Nikki Racklin: vocals (5)
Amina Annabi: backing vocals (1)
Marten Ingle: backing vocals (6)

Recorded by Hervé Le Coz, mixed by Martyn Phillips, Noriyuki Hamazaki (8) at ADS Colour (Paris)