2004 reissue (enhanced CD)
New cover art
Polystar MTCJ-3014

1993 original release (CD)
Polystar PSCR-5059
  • 1
    [a] As You Recall... / [b] Barefoot, Broke and Beautiful
    As You Recall...
    Lyrics: Alfred Birnbaum

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
    To put it all away.
    Back to never was, but always will again.
    The colors and the stains,
    The boys with their toys,
    The women with no pity,
    All in a box, size of a city.
    Don't mind me, we all get older
    As we wait for the hand on the shoulder.
    I'll turn around and I'll miss her money.
    Ain't that right?
    -- They call it night, Johnny.
  • 2
    Battleship Grevy-blues
    Battleship Grey-Blues
    Lyrics: Alfred Birnbaum

    -- Kid, ya make me nervous.
    -- Oh yeah? Like how nervous ... ?
  • 3
    Arturo Remembers-Just Coincidence?
  • 4
    Stir-fried Ice / Seven Screen Fix "Blade Runner-Love Theme-"
    Stir-Fried Ice
    Lyrics: Alfred Birnbaum

    -- So what do you get when you freeze fire?
    -- Cubes without corners?
    -- No, a reason to keep coming back.

    -- Another Fateful Customer.
    -- Burn it I already know what I want.
    -- Three-color medley with preserved shadows?
    -- Not exactly. But it takes a long time to come out...

  • 5
    Moths and Cortisone
  • 6
    Nubian Nights
  • 7
    The Crab Sub-continent
    The Crab Sub-Continent
    Lyrics: Alfred Birnbaum

    Pinch me somebody. They're everywhere.
    Don't know what they're doing there they're just there.
    Skittering around the house, little sandy tracks down the hall,
    running off with me watch,claws under the sheets.
    Hell, can't even take a shower without stepping on one of them.

    And the water keeps rising.
    Nice inverse ratio to the property values.
    Mould, mildew and grey a regular law firm.
    Remind me to call them, when it comes time to sell.
    Talk about liquid assets...

    If she keeps soaking me like this, they'll have to pour me over ice.
    Huang tells me, there's this saying where he comes form.
    Even the gods have their off days.
    I guess someone up there's got a mean drinking problem...

  • 8
    History of Shoes
    History of Shoes
    Lyrics: Alfred Birnbaum

    Empress Wu, cuts off husband's concubine's feet. Origin of foot-binding?

    Arthurian Legend.
    Sir Lancelot led astray by Guinevere's magic shoes.
    Holy Grail sought by Knights of Round Table also compared to idealized shoes.

    Lucrezia Borgia, patroness of tanners, robber baroness of the state coffers, commissions 3000 pairs of court sandals.

    Charles Perrault's "Sleeping Beauty"
    ...the glister of glass slippers.
    Hints of the pre-Enlightenment advent of manufacturing culture.

    Ferragamo introduces the high heel.
    Said to enjoy Mussolini's favor.

    -- Killer stems ya got there lady.
    -- They don't call 'em stilettos for nothing.


  • 1
    Secret Squirrel
  • 2
    Morocco Mole

  • 1
    Moths and Cortisone

The saxophone and orchestra masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of L’Automne a Pekin, coupled in this 2004 edition with remixes by The Orb and a video by Hiroyuki Nakano. Originally released in 1993, this series of innovative melodies is a stunning rendition of Shimizu’s well-honed intellect—what sonic futurists might describe as “mood music.”

Produced and arranged by Yasuaki Shimizu
Composed by Yasuaki Shimizu, Vangelis (4-b)

Yasuaki Shimizu: conductor, tenor saxophone, noises
Alfred Birnbaum: voice (1-a, 1-b, 4-a, 7, 8)
Lisa Schiavon, Liu Hong Jun: voices
Royal Artless Strings Orchestra
Yuichiro Goto: concert master
Hiroshi Kumagaya: conductor (1-b)

Recorded by Yoshiyuki Yoshida at Avaco creative, mixed at Music Inn Yoyogi (Tokyo)
Recorded by Suminobu Hamada at Wonder Station (Tokyo)

Additional credits
The Orb: remix (9, 10)
Hiroyuki Nakano/Peacedelic: video (11)