The film Peace Nippon released on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming

Music by Shimizu featured in Peace Nippon (2018), a spectacular documentary by director Hiroyuki Nakano. Filmed in high-resolution 4K over eight years at more than 200 locations, this travelogue captures the changing seasons in a land of richly varied climate and awesome landscapes.
Shimizu composed and performed the track “Sonotoki” to accompany the stunning autumn tints at Lake Towada in northern Japan. Also includes tracks from the Saxophonettes album Goldberg Variations.


Available on DVD/Blue-Ray from Amazon, and for streaming from iTunes Video, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.
*Blu-ray disc includes original release (in Japanese) and international edition (in English)


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Yasuaki Shimizu & Saxophonettes - Goldberg Variations (2015)

Released by Avex Classics