1990 (CD)
Victor VICL-29
  • 1
    Shadow of China/Opening Theme
  • 2
    Open Spaces
  • 3
    Sea Crossing
  • 4
    Misty Spaces
  • 5
  • 6
    In the Tram
  • 7
  • 8
    Mr. Lee Hok Chow in the Restaurant
  • 9
    Mr. Lee Hok Chow at Home
  • 10
    Playing Chess
  • 11
    The Rope
  • 12
    Mr. Lee Hok Chow at Work
  • 13
    The Scandal 
  • 14
    The Street of the Fortune Teller
  • 15
    Shadow of China/Variation
  • 16
    The Auction
  • 17
    Katharine Leaves Hong Kong
  • 18
    In Your Eyes
  • 19
    Shanghai Club
  • 20
    Party Cha-Cha
  • 21
    Party Waltz
  • 22
    Party Mambo
  • 23
    The Auction/Downtown
  • 24
    Henry Worrying
  • 25
    Four Seasons "Mother Land"
  • 26
    In Bed
  • 27
    Death of Moo-Ling
  • 28
    Shadow of China / Ending Theme

The soundtrack for Yanagimachi Mitsuo’s snakehead movie of the same title, set in China and Hong Kong. The use of multiple overdubbing makes Shimizu sound like an orchestra of saxophones!

  • The saxophone on this recording was created by the Saxophonettes project specially for the soundtrack of this movie. Selmer-made mouthpieces and pipes were remodeled and then reassembled, creating an instrument that can play five-part chords or five different melodies at the same time. With six pipes for each part, when all five parts are being played, thirty pipes are producing sound. Of course, the pitch of each pipe can be fine-tuned and transposed—second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on, degrees—so I can play music rich in harmonic variation. This comes through particularly well on the “Shadow of China” theme song. At present, however, this saxophone still has a number of flaws, the biggest one being that it takes so much physical strength to play. (Though perhaps this problem could be overcome if I went to a tropical island and got my body in shape.) The other drawback is that the only piece it can play is “Shadow of China”, the solution for which we are presently researching. In any case, I dedicate this soundtrack to Mr. Yanagimachi, who hummed the melody through its long recording.
    (from the Shadow of China recording notes; whether the saxophone actually exists or is simply the author’s pipe dream is a question he declines to answer. – ed.)

Composed (except track 25: traditional) and produced by Yasuaki Shimizu


Yasuaki Shimizu: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone, clarinet, keyboards
Liu Hong-Jun: qu-di (1, 28)
Febian Reza Pane: piano (25)
Haruo Togashi: piano (18, 19)
Morio Watanabe: bass (18, 19)
Hitoshi Watanabe: bass, mandolin, salteri (21)
Jimmy Harada: drums (18, 19)
Ruth Chen: vocals (18, 25)


Recorded by Suminobu Hamada at Wonder Station, Akihiko Ohno at Nikkatsu Studio Center, Noriyuki Hamazaki at Avaco Creative (Tokyo)
Mixed by Steve Parr at Orinoco (London)